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Airworthiness Management and review
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Airworthiness Management

Your needs

You are an aeronautical operator. You therefore need a rigorous and impeccable follow-up of your fleet in accordance with the regulations and a perfect control of the technical statuses, maintenance schedules and conditions of re-commissioning.

Our offer

After a thorough preliminary inspection, we initiate your fleet in our information system in order to trace a complete history of each of your planes.

Then we ensure the regulatory monitoring of the airworthiness of each aircraft. We determine the maintenance stops in accordance with your maintenance schedule. We also provide the required reports and statuses for airworthiness reviews.

Airworthiness review

Your needs

Do you operate an aircraft with a final EASA airworthiness certificate (CofA)?

Pursuant to Regulation (EC) 2042/2003 part M, you must revalidate it each year with an airworthiness review certificate (CRA).

Our offer

We are a company recognized by the EASA under the code fr. MG. 394, and therefore officially approved to conduct airworthiness reviews and issue certificates of airworthiness.

Phase in/phase out


Your needs

You have just bought or sold an airplane. Before receiving/delivering, you must be sure of its physical integrity and that the technical data available allow to establish an exhaustive history.

Our offer

We accompany you for the integration and start of operations by conducting a thorough technical study and physical inspection of the aircraft.

At the end of the operation, C.A.M.O. accompany you for the sale of the aircraft or its return to the lessor.

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