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AMS® MAINTENANCE PACK is the solution for managing your maintenance. Entirely designed by aviation professionals, AMS® is dedicated to airlines and maintenance repair organizations. AMS® is a full support tool for aircraft, engine and component airworthiness control and for producing official reports (AD, SB, hard time, life limit part, modification and structural repairing status, etc.) and issue your maintenance program and associated amendment.

Activity module allows you to manage your Flight Log Book sequences, Legs, FH & FC (atypical), Crew, Hydraulic, Fuel…Daily Line maintenance, Technical Log Book, Cabin Log Book, PIREPS, MAREPS, HIL, MEL limitations, A/C technical situation with relevant logistics details… statistics, delays…

 Airworthiness / maintenance requirements module gives you the tools to manage your maintenance program and associated revision, AD, SB, ALI, CMR, AWL, CPCP, EWIS, CDCCL, components, modifications, structural repairs, LLP status, engineering orders…

Maintenance schedule module provides your aircraft, engine and component maintenance planning, forecast, work orders, work packages including related men hours with part request process in real-time, tools, opening access, release certificates.

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